M1 Video LED Screen Shines on the Eggnet Event Show in Beijing


HTL, one of the top 5 LED display manufacturers in China, continued its summer streak by supplying over 1500 square meters of LED screen plus control systems across 6 stages and arenas at the Netegg event in Beijing,which is the most important music events show in the capital.

It was the largest amount of LED screen supplied to date at the festival with which HTL has been involved for the last five years via creative and technical production specialist Joli Cai. The production values for this year’s event were significantly increased following results last year and to keep at the forefront of the Beijing festival scene.

The two background LED screens on the North and South stages were made up from a combination of HTL’s high brightness screen M1-S and M1-S1 products. M1-S1 for the center areas with M1-S surrounding.

Onstage, the majority of the LED screen sections were made up from M1-S2, with the front of the DJ booths clad in Radiant M1-S3 Hybrid - a standard medium 18 mm pitch tile with 32 x 32 pixels per panel, and 4 x 4 higher brightness (8000nit) low resolution pixels embedded in the same panel.

A stage header / border across the top could also be run as high or medium resolution using Radiant M1. The final two DJs playing on each stage also had their own video designs, so the overall set ups on the stages for Saturday and Sunday were based on being able to replicate these as near as possible.

Control on the North and South stages was the latest Catalyst systems run, as mentioned above, in conjunction with Novastar and Videowall's screen management to output to the different areas. They were operated by Dick Jackson.

Most of the main artists supplied their own content formatted to a pixel-map of the screen surfaces that was supplied in advance by HTL. “The demand for more screens at show events like Eggnet reflects the growing importance of visuals to leading DJ sets,” comments Kris Li.

As well as delivering more screen to the outdoor stages, HTL also deployed more LED displays around the arenas than ever before this year, with areas 03 – 08 receiving between 80 and 140 square metres each, of which Arena 03 A State of Trance / Departures – was the largest single surface with a 140 square metre screen design.

The products used in the arenas included M1-S1 and M1-S2 Hybrid, and 100 square meters of surface to cover the set structure in 07 for the Events, and almost 100 square meters of 9 mm screen in the side stage Arena, 08.

All the arena control systems had Novastar platform at their core – specified for its DJ/LJ friendliness - with a Green Hippo Hippotizer in 07, chosen for its straightforward mapping capabilities to map content onto the set structure.

Netegg follows soon after HTL’s construction of what is believed to be the largest temporary LED screen in Beijing for the Opening Ceremony of the PLA's parade show, which used 1000 square metres of Radiant.

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