Meet the Helton Family...Stotz Equipment Featured Farmers!

Stotz Equipment is doing a series of Featured Farmer posts and chose the Helton Family to feature this month!
We interviewed Justin, and Traci Helton to find out more about their farming operation. 
When asked how their family got into farming Traci replied, "Justin grew up around it. He started helping his grandfather and worked for local farmers in Fremont County and he went out on his own in 2004...I never grew up farming. That’s what’s funny about it. Unless you knew me prior to Justin and I dating, I knew nothing. Justin has taught me everything I know."
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Farming is a full time job and a huge commitment but Justin and Traci, "Love the lifestyle and the hard work that comes with it. When you see the outcome of a year’s hard work, that’s the most rewarding part. We have 2 children Jaxon, 11 and Payton, 8, who have grown and continue to grow and love the lifestyle we live."
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The Helton's commented that, "Honestly, I don’t know if we could/want to live any other way. The friends and family we meet and have known for years are some of the best people around. They are not afraid to come lend a helping hand whenever needed." For example last year on the farm Justin looked up to see their truck catch on fire, nobody was obligated to help but, "a very good friend of ours came and helped get all the straw bails off the truck" Just one example of the support within the farming community.
Farming requires a lot of equipment and Stotz has been there for the Helton family from the very beginning. Traci told us, "Justin has always had John Deere equipment. He started when stotz was Lathrop equipment and has been with them since. John Deere machinery is some of the best machinery out there. The quality and service of a John Deere store/Stotz equipment is what keeps us in the field. Lance Hamilton and Andy Snelling are two of the best people and we are proud to call them our friends as well. Lance always knows what we are talking about when we call or what we need without seeing it. Andy is fast, reliable and always willing to help when needed."
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We wanted to know what sets the Helton Family apart from all the other farmers in Fremont County, Traci replied, "Justin started out with a tractor and a plow at the age of 19. 12 years later we have grown to farming 1200+ acres and custom bale 500+ acres."
Our takeaway from talking with the Helton's is...Everyday on the farm is an adventure!
Feature Image: h/t KA Photography Kristen Paskett