6 Reasons You Should Use Explainer Videos on Your Website

Fact: an explainer video can increase your conversion rate by 20%. Now just imagine what your business could do with a 20% boost in conversions, then you’ll understand how powerful this now-trending tool can be to any business.

Before I get too ahead of myself, let me explain what an explainer video is.

An explainer video is a short, compelling (and usually fun) video that tells your company’s story in a way that clearly and effectively conveys your value proposition.

Your explainer video could take the form of hand drawing, digital drawing clay animation (or Claymation), stop motion, and so on.

Here are 6 reasons you should use explainer videos on your website:

1. Helps You Stand Out Professionally

One major benefit an explainer video gives your website is how it helps you stand out from among your competitors. It gives you a professional edge over others in your space, as just anybody can slap together a website, but only few would have the means to engage web visitors on such deeper level an explainer video creates.

2. Engages Your Audience on an Emotional Level

Humans respond more to motion than static, boring texts, or even still pictures. And we also respond emotionally to things differently. So, whether you are about to start a blog or website, remember, an explainer video connects to your audience at a deeper level, and evokes emotions in your prospect. If you’re a good student of marketing and advertising, you’d know emotions bring the cash. Just ensure you hire a reputable explainer animation company for your videos. They’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

3. Increases conversion rates

I already gave you a sample stat of the kind of conversion rate an explainer video can give you. This tool achieves this based on many factors like deeper engagement, emotional connection, interesting story telling, and the fact that we simply just naturally respond more to videos.

4. Showcases Your Personality

A website can look rigid and ‘just there’, but an explainer video showcases your personality – behind the corporate face. It brings your message down to the level of the audience and communicates with them in a fun way, and not in the usual bring corporate-speak. This also definitely contributes to an increase in conversions.

5. Improves SEO (search engine optimization)

Explainer videos improve search rankings in several ways, but I’ll keep it as simple as you’d easily understand.

Firstly, search engines – like Google and Yahoo – favor videos a lot in their results. If you have a video on your landing page, you’ll appear in search engine results above your competitors without a video.

Secondly, because people will spend more time on your website watching your videos, it will automatically reduce your bounce rate, and search engines will feel your site is very useful, and then – you got it – favor you more on search results.

6. Boosts Website Traffic

Of course, if you gain more visibility in SERPs (search engine result pages), that will attract more web traffic to your site. And more traffic equals more conversion – because the same explainer video that boosts your traffic is waiting to also convert them. It’s indeed a beautiful cycle only possible when you use explainer videos on your site.

Also remember videos are more likely to be shared than other forms of content. Word of mouth works for you and your website enjoys more traffic.

The above 6 reasons are just scratch on the surface of how very useful explainer videos are to your websites. Shocking statistics already reveal that videos boost business results, but explainer videos is one of the few types that have a positive impact on ROI