Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Company Best-Selling Products Now Available at Discounted Prices

China - Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Company, a company of much repute having its office in the namesake province in China, recently announced almost all of the best-selling products, or the ‘hot products’ as the owners prefer to call, will now be available at discounted prices. The owners of the company recently revealed that marked cards are not the only products that are available at discounted prices, but Txeas hold ‘em poker analyzer, Da Vinci playing cards, invisible ink, spy camera and many other products are now available at a cut down price and users can actually buy these essentials before actually setting out on their gambling journey.

“The infrared camera lens and the X-ray vision scanner are perhaps the most in-demand devices now. However, we have found out that many gamblers have this old notion that these special devices cost an arm and a leg, which is bound to be proved wrong when they visit our site. Here on our ecommerce website, every device is priced competitively and the gamers can grab attractive deals if they are shopping for X-ray dice or any other product through our website. The low price point is the single biggest USP of ours which we believe would take our business to the level next”, said the marketing head of the company during a recently organized press conference.

Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Company is one of the largest poker device suppliers in China and in the international market as of now. Started with playing cards, the company has gradually forayed into other product segments such as X-ray scanners and infrared contact lenses. According to the owners, the growth trends suggest that the poker cheating devices have already gained strong ground in Europe and North America. “We expect a 50% growth in sales and revenue in the last two quarters of this financial year”, said the CEO of the company at the press conference.

About the Company

Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Company is a renowned China based supplier of poker cheating devices.

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