The Shoshone Language Reunion; coming together to preserve the Native Culture

The 17th Annual Shoshonean-Numic Language Reunion started with Pre-Registration check-in beginning at noon Sunday afternoon. 1363 individuals pre-registered for this event and more than a 1000 of those registered were able to make it.  

Held annually for the Shoshone Communities, this year’s reunion was held in Fort Washakie days before the Wyoming's Largest Pow-wow at the Fort Washakie Pow-wow Grounds.

(Picture of teepees)

The Eastern Shoshone Tribe welcomed all reunion participants from all bands across the country, including Oklahoma, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming.

The reunion had different workshops on both Monday, the 20th, and Tuesday, the 21st. The workshops ranged in the areas of Language Preservation, Basket Weaving, Reservation History, Grandparenting, Bighorn Bow Demonstration, and even Medicinal Plant use.

(Pictures of basket weaving, and medicinal plant use) (2 pictures)

Some of the presenters included, Medicinal Plant teacher Darlene Graham, Western Shoshone Basket Weaver Leah Brady, BigHorn Bow Maker Thomas Lucas, not to forget the many others.

The Reunion Committee encouraged all those in attendance to renew old friendships or even make new friendships to last for a lifetime.

(Picture of two from the planning committee) 

Walking around mingling with everybody, I took a few pictures, and made friends with some of the great vendors.

(Group picture of Cent$ible Nutrition)

Everything from dream catchers, to handmade Indian dolls, to time crafted, amazing beadwork with different styles of the many Native tribes could be found there.

(Picture of vendors)

Months and months of planning went into the presentations, the food, and even the setup of the Reunion. I was able to catch a picture of two of the food preparers, Violet Lajuenesse and her sister Bernadette Oberly. “We worked hard this year,” they said.

(Violet and Bernadette)

A great event for the Native Community with cherished memories, great laughs, good food, and many social and educational activities to help keep the cultures alive.

With even a Native Fashion show to take place later this evening at 6:30p.m., a parade of Tribal flags, tomorrow at 10a.m., and traditional Native games and contests held all afternoon Wednesday, further information can be obtained from the offices of the Eastern Shoshone Business Council at (307)332-3532/4932.