New Album: The PrimaDonna Reeds - "Red Stilettos"

New York City-based rock band The PrimaDonna Reeds releases debut album

Los Angeles, CA - July 27, 2016 -- 
Armed with the musical presence of timeless classic rock and roll presented by an extraordinarily talented six piece band of musicians The PrimaDonna Reeds have forged a powerful production of enduring compositions.

Their 12-track album, "Red Stilettos" is an unforgettable experience of all original masterpieces. The live show is power driven by NYC dance sensation, Nola Bunny and team.

You can listen to selected tracks on BandCamp at

Karena Reiter, lead vocalist, and JC Ryder, also the band’s guitarist, cofounded the line-up. Legendary guitarist (on lead) who is also a notable actor ( We Own The Night / Boardwalk Empire), Luigi 'Babe' Scorcia toured the world with the late New York Dolls member Johnny Thunders in the early 80s. The line-up also includes vocalist Regina Martin, drummer Slamin’ George Morales, and bassist John Sheppard.

What sets the band apart from others is their high level of musical expertise and attention to production excellence. Red Stilettos, is reminiscent of British recording artists Queen with the American 'kick' of legendary Illinois natives, Cheap Trick. Co-written by JC and Karena, "Red Stilettos" taps into the intrinsic sensuality of each and every one of us; the heart of rock and roll.

The songwriting of Karena and JC is inspired by whimsical storylines and heartfelt experiences.

The title track, "Red Stilettos is Karena's rocky wild fantasy of searching for her lover "runnin' wild in red stilettos, lookin' for my baby...", while Cell Phone Funk is a tongue in cheek parody of cell phone users being oblivious to their surroundings, lovers, nature, etc. "Lookin at your phone, leave that thing alone, a kangaroo's escaping from the zoo." I Give Birth To Today is an anthem about a cantankerous local aging rocker / Lower East Side bully " You were an angry young man with a rocking plan, now you're a rude old dude with a nasty attitude."

The PrimaDonna Reeds have proven themselves indomitable by serving up increasingly spectacular sets in and around New York City. Playing their first show at the underground tiny dive bar, Otto's Shrunken Head, they grew to be in high demand and have played popular venues such as Drom, SpiN New York, The Grand Victory, Matchless, Parkside Lounge, Sidewalk Cafe, The Alphabet Lounge, and Fat Baby along with other several other venues and festivals. Newcomers to the New York City music scene having formed in 2013 they broke into an established clique of L.E.S., NYC bands. Now they are ready to break out.

About The PrimaDonna Reeds

The PrimaDonna Reeds are a New York rock band formed by Karena Reiter and JC Ryder, an accomplished Flamenco and rock guitarist. Karena is a talented rock vocalist and veteran music journalist and promoter as well as a former professionally touring dancer who, having a degree in biology-chemistry with a minor in classical dance from Skidmore College, hung up her dancing shoes in the 80's to make a living. She served as Vice President at Wall Street's Argus Research Company for decades. Inspired by JC's music, she donated her impressive wardrobe of black suits to charity and returned to the stage. The couple married in 2007 at the Carlyle Hotel In NYC. The band came together after a few versions of the line-up and started gigging at the usual L.E.S. clubs. Dedicated to the quest of living life to the fullest, happiness and music, the eight members of PrimaDonna Reeds forge on towards the exquisite expression of audio and visual perfection.

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