Global Microfluidics Device Market Research Report -Forecast to 2024

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About Microfluidics device:

A microfluidic device is well accepted technology and has several applications. The technology allows integration of many medical tests on a single chip. It has become an essential technology for integration, industrialization, miniaturization and parallelization of various tests in the fields of diagnostics, drug development and biological research. The technology also helps in reducing the side effects and improving the efficacy of treatment. New microfluidic methods are used for evaluating drugs and manipulating cells for the treatment of diseases related to heart and cancer.

Application & Major Players:

It finds widespread applications that include the In-vitro Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices, Drug Delivery, Clinical and Veterinary Diagnostics, Environmental and Industrial, Point of Care Testing, Analytical Devices as one of the major applications. A major player that manufactures plate and frame heat exchangers includes F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Siemens Healthcare GmbH, Agilent Technologies, Fluidigm Corporation, and Cepheid etc.

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Regional Analysis:

The Microfluidics device market is vivacious owing to it wide scope of applications across industries.

 North America & Europe:

 North America is the largest market for microfluidic devices, with variables such as growing old age population, increasing healthcare awareness, rising chronic and lifestyle diseases, technological developments for various home use applications and wider insurance infrastructure facilities driving the growth of microfluidic devices With the ascent in general social insurance use, the utilization of these gadgets has expanded, subsequent to these gadgets give precise, solid and brisk results for early location and anticipation of sicknesses

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