Online pharmacy services provide mail order prescriptions to community

Client: HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.

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Public Relations Contact: Meredith Guerinot, Public Relations Representative, (410) 994-6820,

Interview Contact: Marsha Robinson, Chairman, (200) 929-0744,

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Headline: Online pharmacy services provide mail order prescriptions to community

Subhead: Retirees and children receiving medicine from HealthWay's Mail-Meds program

Core Story Elements:

  • HealthWay has improved community health care over the past year through its Mail-Meds program
  • Mail-Meds is a mail order prescription service so members of the program do not have to worry how they will receive their medicine—it shows up on their doorsteps!
  • HealthWay signed a contract with the Pennsylvania State Employees Association so its members can register to receive Mail-Meds services
  • 35 percent of people enrolled in the service are retirees in the PASEA
  • PASEA members can access their personalized programs through online pharmacy services or by calling customer service numbers
  • The new Mail-Meds program opened on April 1, 2015 and the first PASEA customer was a single mother working two jobs to provide for her diabetic child
  • HealthWay opened a new sorting facility in Brentwood, Pennsylvania which created 40 new jobs in the pharmacy industry and health care professional field
  • Mail-Meds and the new facility increased the number of prescriptions filled from 714 to 4,771 over the course of a year


  • "At my old job, I was pushing papers and arranging meetings—I never felt like I was helping anyone," said Susie Sheraton, a Mail-Meds customer service staff member. "Now I communicate with customers, some of whom are my friends and neighbors, and I help them stay healthy. There is no greater feeling than giving back to the community and people who have helped you along the way."

  • “The day I found out about Mail-Meds I felt like there was someone looking out for my family.” said Abby Bright, the first Mail-Meds customer from the PASEA. “I told my friends about the program and they joined as well. Now that I don’t have to commute into the city I can spend more time with the people in my life.”
  • "We couldn't be happier with our numbers and our progress," said Brian Reynolds, Mail-Meds Vice President and Quality Control director. "I extend so much gratitude to our staff and loyal customers that are members of the Mail-Meds program. Our goal is to keep our communities healthy so you can enjoy your life without worrying when to pick up your medicine."

Twitter Pitch:

DELIVERY! The pharmacy industry now comes to you thanks to #HealthWay #MailMeds! Providing better community healthcare to your doorstep!

Company Information (Boilerplate):

HealthWay is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Pennsylvania providing customers with full walk-in or drive-through pharmacy services as well as beauty, healthcare and hygiene products in its retail stores. HealthWay offers mail delivery services for prescriptions to Pennsylvania residents as well as 345 organizations and companies in the area. HealthWay assists their customers with the greatest care and attention and continues to raise health care awareness to the public through community outreach and health education programs.


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