Detailed Report on Global Books, News, and Stationery Retailing 2014- 2019

Global Books, News, and Stationery Retailing 2014- 2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. The Books, News, and Stationery retail market grew at a moderate pace after witnessing a decline in 2009 due to the global financial crisis and consequent decline in spending. The market for printed media reduced in developed countries, as prices declined on the back of huge discounts offered by online retailers, along with a decrease in demand for printed books, magazines, and newspaper as digital content gained popularity. Significant demand for e-books emerged across the globe, following the introduction of Kindle in the market, a trend later followed by other prominent booksellers by introducing their own e-readers in the market, such as Nook and Kobo. Over the next five years, e-books growth will slow down in developed countries, while e-books penetration is expected to increase in emerging markets.

Key Findings
- The global Books, News, and Stationery retail market is forecast to record nearly US$570 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 5.4%

- A rise in the English-speaking population in China and other non-English speaking countries will drive the demand for international books, while stationery products with fashion and technology elements will become popular

- Online will continue to be the fastest growing channel, at a CAGR of 15%, while music, video, book, stationery, and entertainment software specialists will dominate the global sales but will record minor growth of 3.1%

- Asia-Pacific replaced the Americas as the largest contributor to global Books, News, and Stationery sales in 2011 and is expected to retain its position, expanding at a CAGR of 10.6%

- China will continue to be the largest market, followed by the US. India will enter the list of the top 10 largest Books, News, and Stationery markets at ninth position

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The “Global Books, News, and Stationery retailing, 2014-2019” report provides comprehensive analysis of global Books, News and Stationery retail sales across different channels. The report covers current and forecast retail sales data for the category in 50 countries. It also details consumer trends, competitive landscape and latest innovations occurred in the review period.

What else does this report offer?

- Market insights based on consumer trends, changing economic and demographic factors on global, regional and country basis

- Retail sales and fastest-growing markets for Books, News and Stationery category and further sub-categories that includes printed media, and stationery and cards

- Qualitative and quantitative insights of changing Books, News and Stationery's retail dynamics across various channels Retail sales, market share and growth rate of channels included: Music, video, book, stationery and entertainment software specialists; convenience stores (including Independents) and gas stations; online; hypermarkets, supermarkets and hard-discounters; cash and carries and warehouse clubs; value, variety stores and general merchandise retailers; department stores

Reasons To Buy
- Get accurate and reliable retail sales data of 50 countries for 2014 and forecast for 2019 to identify the largest and fastest-growing market and to discover profitable markets for expansion/entry

- Explore an in-depth analysis of retail sales data by channels to spot leading channels in Books, News and Stationery retail space and develop strategies for specific channels

- Gain access to retail sales data at sub-category level (Printed media, and Stationery and cards) across the region to target key markets for each sub-categories and to analyze their current and future growth prospects

- Learn from consumer insights and retail trends and define your strategies based on the need of consumers and retail landscape in the country

- Make regional/country level comparisons to effectively target new revenue streams and align your marketing strategies with the crucial trends influencing consumer behavior

- Track competitive landscape based on the information about store count and latest developments for key Books, News and Stationery retailers in different region

Companies Mentioned

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