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When facing problems, people frequently fall into despair and cannot find the best ways out of the situations they found themselves in. They keep focusing on the problem instead of looking for the solution. As a result, they overlook obvious ways out, which makes the problems even more complicated. For those, who often find themselves in complex life situations or just wish to relax reading useful info on the web, Setouq offers an abundance of quotes that can help change the way people percept the surrounding world.

Setouq is a personal blog created by John Gage with the only purpose in mind: to make the lives of people better. The website is a dedication of the author to his mother, who played an important role in his life, encouraging him to seek the knowledge hidden in the books. This is what John tells about the resource: “This blog is my gift to the world. I hope that as you read through the knowledge that I have collected over my short lifetime; you pick up a thing or two that will help you tread through this murky river that is life. I try my best to ensure that there is a quote for everyone out there, this is why I spend my time adding onto my collection with whatever I can find on the net.”

Having collected dozens or even hundreds of the smartest and the most meaningful quotes, the founder of the website has subdivided them into categories with regard to their topics and authors. This is the best way to make them accessible any time of the day without any serious effort. Due to the category subdivision and the availability of the search engine filter on the homepage, each user can get access to the group of quotes he/she needs at a particular life point. John Gage believes that “a quote or two would inspire someone into greatness, motivate them to keep on fighting against impossible odds, show them that they were worth something more, or simple assist them as they tried to make known their feelings of affection to another.” The most popular categories of quotes people search for nowadays are also singled out at the homepage.

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Setouq is a web-based personal blog, which was launched by John Gage. The blog involves hundreds of popular quotes that are associated with different spheres of human life. The quotes published at the resource, are subdivided into a number of categories to facilitate the search process and make the choice of the required topic easy and quick. The author of the blog focuses on collecting well-known and inspiring quotes that can help people find answers to their questions and solve the problems they face every day.

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