Many families spent Sunday grave cleaning

With today being Memorial Day, many families spent the weekend cleaning graves and putting fresh dirt down to make way for new flowers, something that is done yearly here on the Wind River Reservation.
Respecting their passed-on loved ones, stories were told to some of the younger generation about the tradition of grave cleaning. They were also told “one day it would be up to them to take over the duty.”
Traditionally, hard-working hands go to work the day before and day of Memorial day. Supplies of rakes, shovels, and garden tools are brought to make the effort worthwhile.
Alicia Armajo took some time away from the Memorial Day Pow-wow being held at the Blue Sky Hall to assist her mother in helping to clean her sister's, father's, and other loved ones' graves.
Mother nature was in cooperation and the day was beautiful. Many had brought water in jugs to avoid heat exhaustion and some even applied UV protection lotion to avoid burning.
Overall things look to be coming along at all the grave sites upon the Reservation. The ancestors would be pleased.