5 Common Wedding Jewellery Mistakes to Avoid

Your wedding outfit is one of those things that add colour and glamour to your wedding event. Aside conveying your self-worth to others, it also shows how fashionable you are.

People happily pay cash for jewellery because your jewellery is an important part of your wedding dressing, and your choice of jewellery alone could make or mar everything else you wear on that day.

Here are five common mistakes you must avoid in your choice and use of wedding jewellery.

1. Wearing cheap jewellery

Unlike what most people say, your wedding day is not "just a day". It's the most important day of the rest of your life, so it's a day worth valuing. Aside venerating that day, using high quality jewellery creates the impression that you're classy.

So, be sure to use high quality jewellery that won’t disappoint the fashion-savvy ones among your guests. You don't necessarily have to break the bank though; quality jewellery doesn't have to be expensive. But if you can’t afford it, it doesn't hurt to borrow from a friend or relative. It's far better to borrow and use high quality pieces of jewellery than to buy crappy ones.

2. Selecting the wrong colours

The colour of your wedding outfit would determine what colour of jewellery you should use. Your jewellery must be of the same shade as your wedding dress or suit. If white jewellery is most suitable for your attire, don't wear yellow gold. Consider using silver, white gold, or white pearls, instead.

Only few things could disappoint fashion-crazy guests at your wedding than wearing jewellery that sticks out of your overall dressing like a sore thumb.

3. Going with the crowd

Most times, being unique rocks. What career you choose, what friends you make, what jobs you take or pass on, whether you go for a boobjob or not, whom you marry, and many more such important decisions should not be hinged on what everyone else is doing. You want to make only decisions you truly own. 

And your wedding is one of those events you should grace with unique jewellery that reflects the uniqueness of your personality. So, consider wearing jewellery that really stands out.

For example, you can rock custom-made gold or silver jewellery—if you can afford that. Similarly, if everyone else is wearing gold or silver jewellery on their wedding, you can stand out with pearl jewellery.

Remember, guests at a wedding talk about different things after the event—the refreshment, the venue decorations, your wedding outfit, etc. So, wearing impressively unique jewellery will get them talking, too.

4. Wearing the same jewellery for all wedding events

A smart, simple way to change the feel and look of your wedding style is to switch jewellery for the reception. Even if you won't make much change to your hair or even your dressing, you should use different jewellery for each event. Most of the time, the events are just two—the engagement and the reception.

Switching jewellery gives your guests something new to admire about you, and something else to talk about and entertain themselves with. This might not mean a lot to you, but it does to them.

5. Compromising your personal style

Although it's great to look unique, never go out of your comfort zone. If you've never been comfortable wearing necklaces with large pendants, you won't be comfortable with one on your wedding day; so don't bother trying that out. There's already enough to stress about on that day, much less wearing something that makes you feel strange.

No matter what your choice of jewellery is, be sure to express your true style. This will make you smile each time you see throwback pictures of yourself on that day.

While these mistakes might sound trivial, you should avoid them at all cost because making them could give a not-so-good account of you on wedding day.