An Overview On Top Solid 7

TopSolid is a fully integrated CAD/CAM software developed by the company Missler Software. Being a completely integrated CAD/CAM software it allows users to design and manufacture their parts (by programming NC machines) using the same software.

TopSolid 7 is a next generation methodology for modeling, by the from Missler Software. It is claimed to offer huge innovations on the CAD/CAM market by simplifying design and modification of large assemblies in an organized and structured environment. The end user is said to benefit from productivity gains i.e. estimated at being 30% superior to conventional solutions.

A brief History of TopDolid

Created by Missler Software based in Paris, France.

They were formerly known as Missler Informatique, a manufacturing company founded by the Missler brothers in 1984.

They previously designed and manufactured CNC machines.

They at first made 2D CAD/CAM software.

In the early-2000’s, a MBO (Management Buy Out) occurred in which all the empires the Missler brothers built were merged into Missler software to push the vision of TopSolid to the next level.

Currently, Missler Software is owned by four individuals and is yet a privately-held company.

Today, their product line includes TopSolid, TopSolid’Erp and GOelan.

TopSolid UI

The TopSolid User Interface is one of the most intuitive interface. It’s laid out extremely well and really focuses on reducing the amount of area tool bars, command options and collapsible windows take up.

The Project Manager to the right handles all your files for each project.

Entity Manager to the left handles all the features, shapes, constraints, solids and more.

TopSolid Projects

Instead of starting with creating a part or assembly, first you need to create a Project. The Project contains everything – Sketches, Parts, Assemblies, Flat Patterns and access to all the revisions of your files.


It is very much like other 3D softwares : create a design, extrude, add more features. Designs have relations automatically added and you can edit the dimensions without getting into the sketch. You have typical solid features, but also the ability to add machine features like pockets, grooves and slots along with drilling and threading operations.

TopSolid CAM

The CAM portion is completely integrated inside the interface . It is fast to set up toolpath because it automatically creates the tool-path after you have selected the tool.

Integrated PDM

The most wonderful idea any PDM system could ever attain is the sense that it doesn’t even exist; simply you don’t know you’re even using a PDM system….This would denote the integrated PDM system within TopSolid. Though it’s doing it’s working behind the scenes, it has full part numbering, controlled revision and simple life-cycle work-flow functionality, completely built in and dead simple to set-up.


If you’re looking for MCAD software that brings integrated CAD, CAM and PDM together in a lightweight package, then none can beat TopSolid . It makes project management very simple. It’s also extremely noticeable that it was developed to make for a cohesive work-flow. It’s unclear where TopSolid stands, but if you compare current softwares and trying looking for a solution that incorporates CAD, CAM and Data Management with visualization and more, TopSolid would be the foremost choice!

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