New Cosmetic Brand Made for Ü, By Ü

Media Contact:
Brian Kearney
212-260-1978 ext. 116

More and more consumers are opting to purchase cosmetics that are made in the U.S., ahead of current trends, and free from animal testing.

Meet BHüe, a cosmetic brand that creates products using crowdsourcing and feedback from its customers, ensuring it’s always ahead of the trend and has something for everyone. BHüe also relies on art, not only on pantone matches, but by examining different images of people wearing colors on trend and identifying undertones that are universal for everyone to use. Its mission is to help individuals look in the mirror and see his or her most confident self. BHüe is for those who see themselves as blank canvases and want a variety of shades to enhance their true colors. BHüe is paraben-free, cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic and produced and formulated locally out of a small New Jersey lab.

The e-commerce cosmetic brand includes:

  1. Line of liquid matte lipsticks with shades to complement every style and mood
  2. Whipped cover and spot foundation in nine tones to match any hue of skin at any age
  3. Tinted jelly lip balm that applies clear and gradually turns hues of pink as it’s pressed on the lips

There are plans to release other innovative products in the near future. 

*Interviews with BHüe Founder Ivonne Ruggles are available, as are product samples. Please contact Brian Kearney at if interested.