Naperville Classic Towing Provides Road Security for Illinois Residents

Naperville Classic Towing has been providing security for those on and off the road for the last 25 years. They have supported both the citizens and then men who protect those citizens, as they proudly support Aurora, Lisle, Naperville, North Aurora, Wheaton and Oswego Police Departments. They have been contracted with the police for the extent of their existence and strive to meet the incredible standards set by the men who serve their city. This is only one good example of the excellent quality offered by Classic Towing. They treat all of their customers with the utmost respect. They value their customer’s time and need for anything from a quick fix to a detailed tow. At Classic Towing you can expect the absolute best service provided by men and women who know towing and care deeply for their profession. The company provides the ultimate in quality equipment which includes the Landoll flatbed trailer. If you are looking for the best towing service in Naperville, look no further because Classic Towing covers an incredibly wide range of the Greater Chicago area. 

They Buy Junk Cars!

As if the incredible towing service offered by Classic Towing wasn’t enough, they also buy junk cars and give you cash! Many times after a major accident or big breakdown, people are stuck with cars that will never run again and nothing to do with them. You could always pay to have the car towed to a junk yard where they might give you a few dollars for scrap metal. You can also call Classic Towing and they will be more than happy to come straight to your doorstep to pay you directly and transport your broken or junk car at no cost to you! There is absolutely no better deal on the market than free removal of your old junk car, plus cash on top of that! The experts at Classic Towing will likely bring a Landoll flatbed trailer out to your home to remove your car and hand you cash immediately. Just give them a call today to see how much you can get for your junk car!

Vehicle Safety

Many people feel extremely hesitant when calling a towing company to transfer their vehicle because of the enormous risk of damage that most services come with. At Classic Towing, they pride themselves on their incredibly safe towing service. They offer some of the most innovative techniques on the market, allowing for a safe transfer with zero risk of damage. Their crew uses a soft, nylon tie-down system so that there is no chance of scratching your vehicle with harsh metal hooks. They also employ some of the newest equipment, including the Landoll flatbed trailer, which means no scraping along the bottom of your car with a steep angle upon loading or during transport. The technicians who work at Classic Towing are trained in the safest and sturdiest methods of loading and unloading vehicles to ensure proper technique as well as safety of your vehicle and those on the road. 

Classic Towing has an Outstanding Record

Chances are that if you live in the Greater Chicago area and you had any car trouble or know someone who has, you probably have heard of Classic Towing and their impeccable towing service in Naperville. Not only are their trucks everywhere on the road as they assist customers in need all over Chicago but their reputation precedes them. They have incredible references from six different police departments as well as the numerous citizens and people passing through whom they have helped. The majority of customers assisted by Classic Towing’s experienced technicians will agree to the sentiment that this company is the ultimate towing authority in the Greater Chicago area. 


Although the company is known for their expert towing services, they offer a wide range of other roadside services including:


Flatbed Towing

Wrecker Towing

Police Towing

Collision Recovery

Flat Tire Change

Lock-Out Services

Landoll Flatbed Trailer

Roll Backs

Vehicle Storage

Motorcycle Towing

Low Clearance Towing

Classic Car Transport

Roadside Assistance



Diesel Delivery

Tool Box Relocation

Sell Your Junk Car

Heavy Duty Towing

Medium Duty Towing


For all of these incredible services, you would expect an astronomical fee. However, Classic Towing is a company built around its customers so they strive to keep services at high quality but low prices. For questions or if you are in need of towing service in Naperville, give them a call today at 630-364-2215!