Enjoy the possibilities in life with Airwheel A3 two wheel saddle-equipped e bike scooter

In our daily life, our moods are easily affected by the daily chores, such as the annoying traffic jam. Want to relax in the busy daily life or want a green and convenient commuting vehicle, the Airwheel A3 double-wheels electric scooter, extremely powerful, comfortable and intelligent may be your ideal choice. By riding an Airwheel A3, you can surely embrace the amazement of life and enjoy the possibilities in life.

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Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped electric scooter is the first product of Airwheel that has introduced App. Also, it is the first sitting-posture electric scooter. The App can be free downloaded from its official website and there is also the specific steps to guide you to connect to your smart phone. With the App, you can master the scooter conditions comprehensively. Its sleek saddle in V-shape is designed under the ergonomic principle, offering more comfortable ride than the traditional standing wheeler does. The comfortable seat gives you an effortless riding experience.

Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat is coupled with the latest maglev motor with a non-bearing and non-radial load design so that a wearing part is omitted. In other words, A3’s motor is more durable. As for its energy supply, A3’s original li-ion battery core can accelerate fast, while it also features numerous recharge times, 3.8 times longer battery lifespan, 2.9 times longer working life.

Airwheel A3 is equipped with a hydraulic shock absorption system, which brings agile response and stable operation giving a smooth ride even on meandering and bumpy roads. Another feature of Airwheel A3 two wheel electric walkcar is its 16-inch tyres, making it run steadily even on sandy roads and slopes. All of the above designs contribute to the unparalleled comfort brought by riding Airwheel A3.

As Airwheel A3 blazes a new trial in the predominant standing up electric scooter, it is proved that we can enjoy the possibilities in life with Airwheel A3 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter.

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