Rock-N-Wall Brings the Fun through Party Rentals in Texas

Throwing a party is one of the best ways to express your love and gratitude to your friends and family. No matter the occasion, a party is an excellent excuse to let go and have a little fun. One of the best ways to spice things up at your next party would be to rent rock walls or inflatable water slides in Corpus Christi. At Rock-N-Wall, they have an incredible selection of inflatables, rock walls and even a mechanical bull. They have been bringing the fun to events and celebrations since 2009 and are experienced in throwing out a rocking party. They know all about how to have a good time but they also care for the safety of their customers, which is why they are fully inspected and insured by the State of Texas. They will take care of all of the logistics and provide safety equipment as well as training for their staff on how to properly use every tool or equipment. There is no down side to calling Rock-N-Wall and renting one of their incredible party additions today!

When was the last time you went to a party that you really enjoyed and did not want to leave? As we get older, parties seem more like tedious and mandatory adult interaction than something we really want to bother with. As a kid, every day was a party. But birthdays and other events were even more special because it was a time to get together with family and friends, have some delicious food and enjoy each other’s company. Consider turning one of your mandatory adult get-togethers into a fantastic occasion with an inflatable water slide or a mechanical bull. You may think that these are children’s party games and not for adults, but you would be surprised at the number of adults who order these for children’s parties and end up taking over the show. A mechanical bull is the perfect way to loosen up your guests and trick them into having a little fun!

Portable Rock Walls in Corpus Christi
Rock-N-Wall stared out simply renting their incredible selection of rock walls for all kinds of parties. Upon seeing how much joy a rock wall can bring to a simple party, they spread their wings and introduced several other party rentals to their collection. However, they have stayed true to their name and still rent a wide selection of rock walls for parties all over Texas. Their most popular rock wall includes four sides to one stationary wall so that four people can climb concomitantly. The number one priority at Rock-N-Wall is safety, so they send one attendant to help climbers onto and off of the wall. The rock wall stands at an impressive 24 feet high. This means that climbers will finish more than two stories off the ground. Don’t let your next party be one dimensional. Consider renting a rock wall for your guests to enjoy at your next big party.

Water Slides in Corpus Christi
Some of the most popular attractions at Rock-N-Wall are the inflatable water slides in Corpus Christi. These are very popular among crowds of all ages for their incredible wet or dry fun. Have you been wondering exactly what will make people be talking about your party for years to come? When your friends receive an invitation in the mail for your party, do you want them to groan and throw it in the junk mail pile, or see that you are renting a giant inflatable water slide and be excited until the very moment the party starts? Whether you are planning to surprise your guests or warn them ahead of time, there is no better way to throw an incredible party than with a 17 foot water slide in the back yard. Make your celebration the one to remember.

For your next party or large gathering, consider Rock-N-Wall for one of their amazing party rentals. Not only do they strongly consider the level of fun when creating new attractions for their customers, but they highly prioritize safety as well so that everyone at the party will simply have fun and not worry about injuries or accidents. Whether you decide on a mechanical bull, obstacle course, dunk tank, walking water bubbles or water slides in Corpus Christi, make your party the best in the block by calling Rock-N-Wall today!