Plan a trip within a few simple clicks!

What if you knew of an app that could plan your whole vacation effectively within a few simple clicks? That’s right: everything – including hotels, flights, attractions and much more. Would you be interested?

Sounds almost impossible, I know. But hear me out for a sec!

You see, it’s getting to that time of the year again where booking your next vacation may be on your mind. You can almost picture it now: relaxing on the beach beside the quiet shore – cocktail in one hand, your favorite novel in the other – as the sun sets slowly in the distance.

Life just couldn’t be better.

Now for a reality check

…And back to reality. Planning a trip has actually never been so complicated!

It starts (and never seems to end) with that painfully time consuming process of making even a simple booking online. That’s right – get ready to scroll through endless travel websites, package deals, online travel strategies, reviews and ratings. Oh, and reserve some time to consider your flights as well!

In fact, something you may not have ever realised is that when you book a vacation you may actually be going through, on average, as many as 38 websites before you finally make a decision. Seriously, how is that even true? Even then, you may have missed something.

So how do you make the best decision with the ongoing daily pressures of regular life? Until now, for many people the answer has often been to purchase a travel deal online. It saves time, that’s for sure, but is it suitable for you? Maybe, but sometimes you just can’t help but feel dissatisfied.

The app to transform travel

Ok so let’s break it down for a second. Time, money and energy spent on actually planning your travel are some of the biggest issues at play here. You might be someone who’s on the move, have a family to care for, busy with your studies or just too busy in general to get around to planning it.

But, that’s all about to change from today.

This is where Mioji comes in. To be clear, the last thing Mioji wants to do when it comes to travel is tell you what to do. That’s not who Mioji are. Instead, Mioji gives you the power to automate the ultimate travel itinerary just for you.

In terms of use, it’s as easy as ABC yet also has an amazing ability to plan an extremely detailed trip!

Travelling isn’t just about going to new places; it’s also about seeing the world differently. Mioji is actually available for download right now on the Apple and Google Play Store – it’s completely free to use so check it out! You can also start planning through Mioji’s website and check out more useful information over there.

It’s travel made simple guys!