Alley Kids Pin Series Taking Off!

Alley Kids, a collectible enamel pin series by Josh Divine is the first of its kind in the crazy world of enamel pins.  Alley kids are a limited edition series of 12 collectible characters designed by Kidrobot concept artist, cartoonist, and illustrator Josh Divine.  

The second character in the series, a rock and roll girl with pink hair named Alexis, is available to order now online at  Divine is also making the 'Kids' available at select retailers with plans for more outlets in the future.  Alley Kids are currently available at StrangeCat Toys in Tampa, FL, Lowbrow Denver in Denver, CO, and at Time Warp comics in Boulder, CO 

What's next for Alley Kids? - Jørg an adorable black metal lunatic is set to land sometime in September.  Designer Josh Divine is looking to expand the line in the future to clothing, stickers, vinyl toys, a comic strip, and more!  

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