End of the school year, start of summer; Riverton's doing it right

Schools out for summer! Well, for the Riverton elementary schools anyway; middle school and high school students have another two days. End of the year parties are happening at the schools in Riverton as students are excitedly awaiting summer vacation.


The Riverton Middle School brought in fire hoses and a giant tarp Wednesday creating an enormous slip and slid for students. Staff members Jenny David and Nicole Farrar perhaps had a little too much fun spraying down the slide and the students… and maybe a few other staff members. Even Mr. Gard, a 7th grade social studies teacher, took a trip down the slide. The school also offered volleyball and other games for the students as well. The carefree feeling of summer was in the air! (Check out a video here!)


Over at Ash Grove Elementary, the school invited parents to attend an end of the year picnic. Students and parents ate lunch outside and enjoyed listening to Mr. Gora sing and play guitar while they ate. Students played in kiddy pools filled with bubbles and created giant bubbles with hangers. They also played with their parents on the playground. Hurray, summer is here!

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