SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Added Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit to Its Product Range

China - SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a globally trusted manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic tools, recently added fiber optic splicing tools to its product range. The owners said that fiber optic splicing, or fusion splicing as it is commonly called is one of the core procedures followed by professionals working in the fiber optic networking industry. They said that the fiber optic splicing tool kit is a fiber optic tool kit that only contains splicing tools. However, people who are interested in buying cleaning, inspection or installation kits can also visit their trading website to find the products of their choice.

“Since our inception, we have been offering comprehensive kits for our buyers spread across the global fiber optic networking and communications industry. Apart from splicing kit, one can also find fiber optic cleaning kit and termination kit on our website. We want to meet precise needs of the professionals working in the fiber optic communications and networking sector and the fiber optic splicing kit, we believe, would help us grow symbiotically with our consumers who would actually use these tools and tool kits”, said a marketing executive while addressing the local press.

While describing the components that come with the splicing kit, the marketing executive said that it contains almost everything that a professional might need for splicing fiber optic cable ends. “It comes with the all-important Miller stripper, one set of scissors, wire stripper, knives, tweezers, pliers, one black marker, one set of screwdriver, steel wire cutter, adjustable wrench, hex key set, tape measure, blow brush and every other tool that someone might need for splicing”, said the executive.

The CEO of SYOPTEK announced that fiber termination kit is to date the best-selling of all tool kits that they offer. However, he seemed optimistic about the market prospect of the newly launched product, the fiber optic splicing kit.

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SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is renowned manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic tools and fiber optic tool kits.

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