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Comprised of a team of excellent developers, Prestashop Addons store is your best solution provider for Prestashop websites. With years of experience in the field and expertise in Prestashop e-commerce development, our reputation among clients is incomparable. We have worked with clients from every part of the world and has a database of testimonials and comments on our high quality products.

Our major aim is to offer e-commerce solutions with the best quality, to make your Prestashop website a whole lot better. The feature-rich Prestashop modules  designed by our experienced designers and developed by our expert developers are guaranteed to add enhanced functionality to your online store. The clean, neat modern Prestashop themes we offer are sure to make your store eye-catching and elegant. These interactive themes when teamed up with the functionality of our modules will definitely make your website or store the highlight in the market.

The Prestashop modules are built with clean and high quality code, the installation is quick and easy, and each product comes equipped with its own user guide document. Even though the installation and configuration procedures are made to be easy for even the novice to Prestashop, the user guide document has all information explained as a step by step guide for our customers. It also contains all the necessary information about the module, its function, and configuration details etc.

Prestashop themes offered by Prestashop Addon are developed using HTML5 and each of them has W3C validation. You will not have to worry about your website’s appearance in different sized screens such as mobile phones and tabs, as all our themes are fully responsive. The color combinations we have used on each of our themes are easy for the eyes and attractive. With the number and the variety of themes we offer, you will not have any difficulty in finding the best one for your store’s category.

Prestashop Addon store offers modules from the simplest function of an online store to the most complex and advanced functions you never knew you’d need. And for the best part, not all these are offered at a cost. In addition to our paid advanced modules, we also have a set of modules that are completely free. The customer can download these free modules directly from, and use them in their e-commerce website without having to follow any further procedures. The same goes for the themes we have listed on our website. While some of they are listed with a price, some of them are listed with the word ‘Free’ next to them. Although the best features are obtained from priced products, our free products of the same quality and accuracy. If you are in need of a simple solution, you can always go for the free product.

You also have the rare option of getting a custom products, modules or themes, built from our excellent designers and developers. Just explain us what you need and we will develop it for you. With this option you can finally have the desired feature or theme for your store which is completely unique to your business. Our staff will guide you through the process with continuous communication to give you exactly  what you need and nothing less.

A money back guarantee is provided to you with our products if there is any incompetency or unresolved bugs present in our priced modules or themes. Although we give a 100% guarantee of the quality, safety, reliability and accuracy of each and every theme and module we put on the market, you always have the option of getting your money back if any of these conditions are not met. You can read more information on this in the terms and conditions page.

Prestashop Addons store guarantees that with our modules and themes integrated to your website, the website will definitely perform and appear better for your customers. You can always learn more information about our modules and themes by visiting our website or by simply giving us a call. Our customer support team is eager to help you out and provide you any assistance you need. Don’t hesitate to try out our products. Install a Prestashop addon from us on your online store and see the difference. You will be able to take advantage of our excellent products and grow your business.