TickAssure! Introduces Select Four Plans for College Basketball’s Championship Weekend

Dallas company develops innovative concept to protect sports enthusiasts from inflated ticket prices


DALLAS, Texas – March 7, 2016 -- TickAssure!, the innovative startup that allows college and professional sports fans to experience championship events at prices that won't bust their budget, today launched their Select Four Protection Plans, giving fans affordable access to college basketball's championship weekend in Houston, Texas.

Select Four Protection Plan purchasers choose the four teams they think will advance to the semifinal round of the college basketball championship tournament. If all four teams advance, Plan holders then purchase an all-sessions ticket for the championship weekend event, good for admission to both semifinal games and the national championship game, and TickAssure! will reimburse the entire cost of the ticket, up to the $1,500 maximum coverage value of the Select Four Protection Plan. While TickAssure! is not a ticket provider, fans can choose their own ticket and seating location from a robust group of online ticket sellers, including StubHub!, Tickemaster, and many other popular ticket sites.

All TickAssure! products are underwritten by multiple underwriters, including Lloyd's of London, Houston Casualty Company, and other A.M. Best "A" or better rated insurers.  

“TickAssure!’s enduring mission is to provide the everyday sports fan an opportunity to once again have access to big-time championship events without having to mortgage their futures in the process,” said Todd Armstrong, founder and CEO of TickAssure!. “It wasn’t very long ago that fans could afford to take their families to these elite games and experience the thrill of a lifetime when their team played for rare championships. But, more and more, the average fan has become priced out of the biggest games of the season due to escalated ticket prices.”

Select Four Protection Plans are currently priced at $12.67. Protection Plan prices fluctuate regularly as more teams are eliminated from contention, thus increasing the chances of a particular team participating in the event. TickAssure! Protection Plans are priced by the worldwide surety market based on many market factors and TickAssure!'s proprietary TickAssure! Championship Index.

Like all TickAssure! products, TickAssure! Select Four Protection Plans are indemnity contracts purchased by fans any time during the preseason or regular season which cover the cost of a game ticket to a designated event. Fans simply pay a one-time premium for the TickAssure Protection Plan. At the time of purchase, fans designate the specific team or teams they want the Protection Plan to cover. Then, if the fan’s designated team(s) advances to the designated event, the fan purchases his or her game ticket from many of the most popular primary or secondary market ticket sales outlets and TickAssure! reimburses the fan the entire cost of the game ticket, up to the maximum coverage value of the TickAssure! Protection Plan.

In addition to the new Select Four Protection Plans where fans must select all four semifinal participants, TickAssure! also offers Protection Plans for individual teams. For the upcoming basketball tournament, fans may designate a single team to advance to the semifinal round, and if that team advances to Houston, fans follow the same process as they would for a Select Four Protection Plan by acquiring an all-sessions ticket from a group of online ticket vendors and TickAssure! will reimburse the total cost of the ticket up to the $1,500 maximum coverage value of the Protection Plan. The average for the top 64 teams is $179 for $1500 of maximum protection with some teams who are projected to make the NCAA Tournament selling for as low as $11 ($1500 max protection).

TickAssure! also offers similar Protection Plans for college and professional football fans to attend the semifinal and championship games of those sports at affordable prices.

Fans can find the most updated Select Four Protection Plan pricing and can purchase their Protection Plans online at Fans can also visit for additional TickAssure! products and pricing.  


TickAssure! is a forward-thinking new concept that applies the tried and true methods of consumer protection developed by the insurance industry to the highly speculative ticket sales industry. Developed from a real-life heartache when, as a die-hard Auburn football fan, Todd Armstrong was elated when his Tigers advanced to the 2014 BCS national championship game against Florida State but could not find a way to get an affordable ticket, TickAssure! addresses a major problem in today’s ticket market by eliminating one of the greatest hindrances that keep some of the most dedicated and passionate sports fans priced out of the most important games of the season. TickAssure! Protection Plans mitigate against the high cost of game tickets that occur due to the enormous demand for post-season sporting event tickets and the inherent last-minute nature of determining the participating teams.

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