From welfare system to working woman

Marie Clancy used the Mercer Street Center nonprofit services to obtain a job and provide for her family.

Core Story Elements:

- Marie Clancy used CommunicAID services to provide for her family and get a job as a manager at the local grocery store.

- But she did not become employed overnight, she had to work hard and use the resources provided to her in an effective manner.

- Marie Clancy is a single mom who was providing for her family using food stamps and other unemployment entitlements

- could not find work or permanent housing

- The nonprofit CommunicAID opened up the Mercer Street Center to provide food, shelter and job services to another disadvantaged population

- Clancy used the food, shelter and job services to get to the place she is today (on the promotion track to become a store team lead at her current job)

- Clancy's kids used the Literacy Program at the Mercer Street Center

  - Clancy's son was accepted and received a scholarship to Penn State for this upcoming fall

- Clancy and her teenagers were not the only ones to use the services provided at the Mercer Street Center

    - the center has served 12,764 people through its day shelter and food service

    - the Back-to-Work Training/Job Placement program served 375 residents

    - 125 families stayed in permanent housing after CommunicAID’s affiliate Homes for All completed the renovation on a 12-apartament block in January

- CommunicAID provides services to help people change something in their life but the people have to be like Clancy and have the motivation to do something with the services provided

- She became a self-sufficient woman


"Without food, shelter, work and opportunity, people lose hope, but with these necessities people can build a future. That is what I did. I used the services graciously provided to me to make sure that I would never have to use them again.” -Marie Clancy

"We love to help populations that are in need and understand that in order to eventually not need our services, in the beginning you might need our services to help you. I cannot wait to see who else the Mercer center helps in years to come.”- Suzanne McGrath CommunicAID president

"We allowed CommunicAID to purchase the building to build a center because of its previous success in helping disadvantaged populations." Mayor Bill Peduto 

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Rebecca Sikora,CommunicAID PR Specialist