The tiered Head Start seems pretty bullshit to black desert

The tiered Head Start seems pretty bullshit to  Black Desert Silver   , first time I've personally seen 3 different 

dates for headstarts. Also, not really willing to go beyond the Explorer's Package, and even then 

I'm tempted not to get that. Also, do we know what the cash shop is going to be like?

People want this game and the developers know it. They know that people have no self control, and 

they're exploiting it. You've probably done the same thing before.

Just recently I finished selling some time-limited "theoretically" exclusive items in Warframe for 

500p(cash shop currency roughly equal to $25.00usd). The amusing part is that today they announced 

that said item is making a come back this year.

From the standpoint of someone who has self control, and isn't planning on playing the game. It 

would be rather amusing to see DAUM replace NexonNA on   .