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Prestashop Addon is one of the most popular Prestashop theme providers in the field. With more than 6 years of experience providing Prestashop e-commerce products and services, the company is highly experienced in their work. We possess hundreds of employees working under us, each one of them being experts in their job’s field. From excellent designers, to developers to quality assurance engineers, the team works together to bring you the best themes for your business.

While offering a number of multi-purpose themes, we have a wide variety of themes that covers many fields of businesses as well. Some of these themes include specific themes that suite electronic stores, fashion stores, accessories stores etc. So instead of using a conventional themes, you can use a theme that brings out the purpose of your business. We believe this can lead your business towards success in a shortcut.

Our themes are professionally designed by creative and talented website designers from our theme. Analyzing the target market of the specific field is one of the strategies we use to decide on the UI structure, positioning and color scheme of a theme. All the themes are clean, nice and professional but most of all, they are easy to use for both the customers of the store and the store owner. Our themes do not weigh down your website and make it slow. They have high response times and are highly attractive to the eye of the customer. Each theme is designed using HTML5 and CSS3 and complies with the W3C standards. We guarantee 100% on the quality of the themes we develop.

The themes by our company are easy to install and use. The installation process is exactly the same as standard Prestashop themes and the process is guided from top to bottom. But if you come across any difficulties, you can always refer the customer support document that comes with each and every product we publish on our store. The document contains guidelines for installation, configuration and regarding other details about the theme. Also the theme features are designed and organized in a way that’s easy for the customers to understand and use them without any external help.

Other than the themes available for sale in our official website, we also provide custom Prestashop theme development services. If you feel like you need your own unique design for your store, you can simply contact us and get a custom theme made.

If you think a Prestashop theme from us is just what you need, don’t hesitate to visit our website and choose the best theme for your online store. You can also call us to obtain more information on any of our products or to get answers for any question you have about our products. Our friendly customer support staff is always ready to be of service.

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