Airwheel C5 is an unusual intelligent helmet with heads up display

As a special fitting for riding, Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display is developed not only for providing a safer and convenient riding but also for adding fun into your riding. It means that people who wear C5 can take photos, listen to music and answer phone calls based on the head protection.

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Answering phone calls is one of the most common things in our daily life. But it will be very dangerous to pick up phone calls when you are riding in the streets. C5 intelligent helmet is configured with Bluetooth earphones and wind-proof and noise-reduction microphone. Therefore, it is more convenient to answer phone calls only by pressing the answering button.

Another potential safety hazard existing in riding, listening to music by wearing earphones, is also deadly. While on the contrary, C5 Bluetooth helmet, obviously, fairly practical with the build-in high-quality loudspeaker box. Under this circumstance, users still can hear the sounds from exterior environment so as to accurately judge the risks and make quick response. Sometimes music can get rid of fatigue after a long-time riding.

With regards to the photo and video shooting, C5 cool street bike helmet is equipped with a camera which can shoot high definition videos for three hours and can store a maximum of 128GB. Although it is not as powerful as SRL, C5 intelligent helmet for road safety’s camera has 150° view-shed with the pixel of 2304×1296. Besides, it is capable of anti-shake and color aberration correction so that it helps to record each moment.

And surprisingly, Airwheel C5 helmet heads up display supports non-net video for a whole day. Putting it at home, C5 custom intelligent helmet can act as a safety guarder. When there is abnormal condition, you can know it even if you are not at home.

Given all that, Airwheel C5 is absolutely an unusual helmet. You can’t miss this intelligent equipment that is in possession of multiple functions and high security level.

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