Grégoire Garçon - “Delivering luxury, elegance, and creativity to its highest possibility”

About Grégoire Garçon

Grégoire Garçon is a global brand born of the desire to take luxury to the next level. The brand’s debut collection of “luxury meets casual” shoes makes an unapologetic statement with intricate signature detailing, craftsmanship and the use of lavish and rare materials. Inspired by urban street style and constructed with European craftsmanship, the Grégoire Garçon footwear collection translates the worldly influences of Milan, Paris and New York.

Grégoire Garçon shoes are handmade with genuine Italian python, ostrich, calf leather, suede and unique upper gold metal details. With the belief that you should never compromise what you love, Grégoire Garçon pushes back on an industry tempted by mass production, creating shoes that reflect an understated and classic style fully committed to the noble artisanal techniques safeguarded by leather craftsmen.

To acquire a Grégoire Garçon piece is to welcome a hand-made limited edition item of elegance and distinction into your life. It signifies that you are shaping your own story, and making a statement to the world about who you are and where and how you’re going there. With the desire to give back, every pair of Grégoire Garçon shoes sold provides a percentage of profits to the established ‘Dr.Garçon Foundation’, helping people in developing countries.

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