SYOPTEK Pledged Full Compliance with FOA and NECA Guidelines and Standards for WDM Components

China - FOA or the Fiber Optic Association and NECA or the National Electrical Connectors Association collaborated back in 2001 to develop the American National Standard for fiber optic cables and components. SYOPTEK International, a Chinese manufacturing company deeply interested in deepening ties with American vendors, wholesalers and buyers of fiber optic tools, especially WDM components such as CWDM and DWDM. The owners of the China based company said that they have forecasted a steep growth in demand in the US market and they are eager to forge partnerships with American wholesalers and suppliers.

“It’s not that our products were not previously complying with the FOA and NECA standards. However, we have recently brought in a whole new range of DWDM, FWDM and CWDM components and we have checked with FOA and NECA to corroborate the superior quality of our products. The WDM components we manufacture, to reiterate it, are now fully compliant with the FOA guidelines”, said the product quality analyst speaking on behalf of the company which has its headquarters in China and manufacturing facility in Shenzhen province in China.

“We know FOA guidelines and standards are written by its members who have deep expertise in the technicalities of fiber optic cabling, testing, and troubleshooting. Our WDM components use the same wavelength and power range specified by FOA in its comprehensive guidelines. If someone wants to see the copies of the FOA documents that we have with us, all he has to do is to send a small email requesting a copy and we can send him back the copy of the pertinent document”, added the quality analyst.

SYOPTEK International CEO recently appeared in a press event here in Hong Kong. He said that they are looking to expand their North American client base. “Though the USA is our primary target for FWDM exporting, we also want to spread our business in Canada and Mexico. I believe that fruits of our religious compliance with FOA guidelines can soon be realized in terms of revenue growth”, he said while signing off.

About the Company

SYOPTEK International is a leading manufacturer of CWDM, DWDM and FWDM manufacturing.

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