Longbridge Financial Offers Reverse Mortgage Options for Seniors

Mahwah, New Jersey, May XX, 2016 : Longbridge Financial is pleased to announce how they help seniors increase their retirement security through a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), otherwise known as a reverse mortgage.  A growing number of Americans are struggling to ensure security in their retirement years, finding their savings is no longer enough.

"While most people approaching retirement think of their personal net worth in terms of savings, stocks, bonds or retirement accounts, the reality is quite different. Studies show that half of homeowners over age 62 have at least 55% of their net worth tied up in home equity" said Melissa Macerato, EVP of Longbridge Financial. "We help qualifying homeowners take some of the financial stress out of retirement by gaining immediate access to the home equity they have built up over the years through a reverse mortgage," concluded Macerato.

While reverse mortgages previously had a negative stigma, these views are rapidly changing among financial experts and consumer advocates. In the past, reverse mortgages were considered a last resort effort. However, this is no longer the case due to recent changes put into place by the Federal Housing Administration.  These new safeguards provide more protection to the borrower, such as limiting the amount of equity that can be borrowed in the initial stages of the reverse mortgage. Longbridge Financial has embraced these changes and strives to provide their customers with the guidance they need to decide if a reverse mortgages is right for them.

Whether it’s paying off an existing mortgage to make home improvements or having the security of a line of credit that does not require monthly payments, a reverse mortgage is a viable option. The financial professionals at Longbridge Financial understand the best way to utilize the reverse mortgage product as a strategic retirement plan.

Anyone interested in learning about the benefits of reverse mortgages can find out more by visiting the Longbridge Financial website or by calling 1-855-523-4326.

About Longbridge Financial : Longbridge Financial is a lending institution helping seniors utilize their hard-earned home equity to handle many of the financial challenges that may impact many Americans who are currently in or are planning for their retirement. They are committed to enhancing the way consumers view reverse mortgages by educating homeowners about the many uses of this powerful financial instrument and doing so with transparency, unparalleled expertise and the highest level of personal service.


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