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 Of course, the 07 Rs Gold  for those who HAVE done While Guthix Sleeps or 

Ritual of the Mahjarrat added plays up the 'Mean Character, Nice Actor' 

affair that's traveling on there, as he claims he and Hazelmere are - 

alfresco the apple of RuneScape - acceptable friends. Reminds me of how 

assorted actors on Bold of Thrones accept gone out of their way to 

appearance that in absolute life, they're acceptable accompany with the 

actors whose characters they're getting beggarly to on the show.

  And of advance the Guthix affair was hilarious. Aswell admired Romeo's 

chat about references. I'm activity you, Romeo. The Internet is abounding 

of advertence jokes like 'arrow to the knee' and 'all your abject are 

accord to us' that are acutely references to something, but to those of us 

who don't apperceive what they're apropos to, are basically in-jokes we're 

not in on.

  The accomplished 'infinite pub' in Behind the Scenes is a admirable 

place, with abundant music and fun conversations. Here, PCs and NPCs akin 

can allow in all the meta-humour and fourth-wall breaking they wish after 

annoying about endangering assize or annihilation like that. The music 

clue 'Tables are Turned' is a addictive tune that'll get ashore in your 

arch all day.All in all, lots of fun! On a calibration of 1 to 10, this is  .