Wyoming Building Supply to celebrate their 40th anniversary and to date has never laid off an employee

Wyoming Building Supply was established in 1976 by Bob and Jolene Ingram. They began their family-run business in a warehouse of cabinets out by the Casper airport. One year later they moved to their current location, 2104 Fairgrounds Road in Casper. They now also have store locations in Sheridan and Cheyenne as well, and are capable of doing business all across the state of Wyoming. Not only do they offer entry-level cabinetry, but semi-custom, custom and commercial cabinetry as well. They also sell laminate, granite, quartz and corian counter tops as well as windows, doors and fireplaces.

Although Bob Ingram began the company, his daughter Brett Ingram recently took the reins and is the current manager for Wyoming Building Supply. When asked what the biggest lesson their family has learned from owning a business they said, "You are only as good as the people you work with and we have built a great team over the years that has resulted in the company's success. We have also learned that you have to be able to cater to the customer so we are always looking into the latest and greatest products while understanding our customers budget. We have to offer high quality service which is one way we have been able to set ourselves apart from our competitors whether it be from the sale to warrantying all of our products. Our sales, service and shop are the key to our success."

Wyoming Building Supply is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Sales have declined recently, especially in the areas of Casper and Gillette due to the current energy and coal crisis, but they are hopeful that the economy will recover quickly and they can continue to grow and expand. With hard work to gain more business all across the state and thinking of innovative ways to reduce operating costs as a company they expect to pull through the current economic downturn just as they have in the past. Wyoming Building Supply has never laid an employee off to date and plan to remain that way. 

They have learned lessons from the past and have become debt free so they can get through these hard economic times. "We certainly hope they are short lived but no one has a crystal ball and knows what the future holds, just hope for the best and work hard to try to get through it together," said Brett Ingram. By not over extending themselves when the economy is up, with constant product knowledge, outstanding service for their customers and diversifying with the ever-changing home and business design trends throughout the years.

When asked where they see Wyoming Building Supply 40 years from now, Brett Ingram replied, "I see us still being a Wyoming family-owned and operated company selling cabinets, counter tops, windows, doors and fireplaces. But in 40 years who knows what else we might be able to offer with the ever-changing trends in the kitchen and bath industry, anything is possible."

With hard work, great customer service and ambitious goals this local family-run company has managed to pull through hard economic times in the past and present. Although the economy is not ideal at this time, success can still be an option for companies willing to fight through the difficult times.