Nebraska Payday Loan Market Statistics Revealed at 24Biz

Payday loan market in the USA gains popularity nowadays. There are different reasons that contribute to this factor, but the most important one is the financial abilities of the country’s residents. With that said, 24Biz, one of the most renowned US cash advance companies, has recently decided to conduct the generalized payday loan market research, which is based on their own statistical data registered in 2015-2016. Being one of the leaders in the payday loan industry, underlined that the actual reason of the research was to determine the contingent of people, who apply for the loans. The results of the research are provided at the official website of the company, where they are subdivided with regard to the states reviewed. Let us have a look at the payday loan statistics in Nevada based on the review.

According to the results of the research conducted by "24Biz", about 5.7% of Nebraska residents applied for a payday loan in 2015-2016. The prevailing amount of these people (59%) were men, while the rest of the borrowers (41%) were women. Although, the company grants loans that range between $100 and $1000, the average loan sum per one person in Nebraska constituted $377. The prevailing amount of borrowers (20%) were young people between 18 and 24 years of age, while 19% of Nebraska residents applying for a same day loan were people of 25-29 years old.

Speaking about the income factor, 31% of borrowers had the lowest income, which was under $15000. 27% of people submitted the income that ranged between $15000 and $25000, while only 5% of the borrowers had the income from $75000 and up to $100000. The research also showed that 65% of payday loan borrowers rented houses or apartments, while only 35% were private homeowners.

An interesting result was revealed in the employment status of the borrowers. 50% of them worked full time, 14 % of people had part-time job positions and 10% of people applying for a loan were completely unemployed. The rest of the borrowers were disabled, retired people as well as students and homemakers. Finally, 36% of the Nebraska residents were married, 28% were single, 19% reported that they were divorced. The rest of the borrowers lived in a “civil marriage” (14%) or were widowed (3%).

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