New mural at First Presbyterian Church, Cody

Have you ever had a strong feeling, something deep down in your gut telling you to take action?

Coletta Kewitt was sitting in choir practice one morning at First Presbyterian Church in Cody when she looked up at the blank space where the walls of the sanctuary met the ceiling and saw, not sheet rock but a blank canvas.

“I looked up at all this white and truly, God inspired this idea of a mural up there. My first response was ‘you’ve got to be kidding me, this is a huge deal,’” she said.

A hardworking team of volunteers quickly came together to bring her idea to reality, reassuring her that something bigger than herself was behind the project.

Erik Kinkaid, an artist with strong roots in Cody, had just moved back to Cody and agreed to take on the project. Both his parents, Jerry and Betty Kinkaid, and grandmother, Martha Kinkaid, are members of the church. “He volunteered his time to honor his 103-year-old Grandmother,” said Kewitt.

Dennis Spargur, Greg Dimler and Dave Kewitt spent over 100 hours cutting the 26, four by eight foot, mural panels and then installing them once painted. “At first, I’d planned to paint it in place, but the angle of the roof line and the ledge underneath it made me realize that it wouldn’t be possible.” said Kewitt.

Coletta Kewitt and Erick Kinkaid worked on the 165 foot mural in a ranch arena up on the North Fork. The panels were then brought to the church and installed.

Vieune Revolinski, the self described cheerleader, was there to support the team from the beginning. “People immediately love it, there’s something about the whole story that is so special,” said Revolinski.

First Presbyterian Church, Cody is located at 2025 23rd Street. Sunday worship services are at 9:30 a.m.