STILL GOING spite of over 6 inches of rain and an angry river!

The deluge of Lyons Valley, 2016 hit us with a vengeance. For the first time ever, the water came high enough to do some damage, but NO WORRIES! The beautiful alder kitchen Scott was working on was kept safe from harm. He is finishing up the installation of that kitchen this week. None of our tools were affected. We lost a lot of our shop supplies, but none of it affected our customers. In fact, we stayed behind and evacuated later (with the help of friends and neighbors) to make sure we could protect the customers' materials. It took a solid week of hard work and dedication from friends and family, and other kind souls in the community, but we were back up and running full speed in no time. 

Our home wasn't quite as easy to repair, and that is going to take some time. We want to thank everyone who has lovingly supported us through all of this. Because of your compassion, we are still in business and going strong!