PLS Game Mall Trotted out Cheap Blade and Soul Gold for Professional BNS Gamers


USA - PLS Game Mall, an increasingly popular online store that sells miscellany of power levelling items and in-game upgrades, recently started selling Blade and Soul Gold for pro gamers. The owners added that the BNS gold can also be purchased by amateurish gamers who play BNS just as a leisurely pursuit. However, they maintained that the gold can be very useful for power levelling within the gameplay. In addition to that, it was also confirmed on behalf of PLS Game Mall that the gold being sold is one of the cheapest on the market as the owners are keen on beating competition in this niche.

“We are selling cheap BNS gold now along with various other in-game currencies for other popular MMORPGS. Anybody who is trying to buy new weapons or other items would find these currencies very useful. This is because players cannot acquire enough amount of gold during the gameplay to buy these essentials. There are amateurs who least cares about in-game upgrades and purchases. However, shortage of gold is a major roadblock for professionals. We, therefore, decided to include BNS gold as one of our key products”, said a sales executive during a press conference.

The owners said that PLS Game Mall is a community of gamers where sellers are allowed to advertise their dispensable gold for free. They said that they now offer three different delivery methods, and gamers can choose from these methods according to their convenience and preference.

“We know it is quite painful for the gamers to run out of gold midway through a gaming session. We, therefore, have launched cheap BNS gold so that the gamers can at least buy gold within a few minutes and buy the necessary weapons and other essential elements as they feel”, said the CEO of PLS Game Mall. He also said that they have the highest encryption in place to protect user safety and privacy online. The online store has now BNS gold for both European and North American gamers, the CEO added.

About the Company

PLS Game Mall is a popular online store having an impressive collection of in-game items, including BNS gold.

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