Say Happy with Tower Deli and Diner in Fort Lauderdale!

If you are looking for a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and you are having a hard time finding the right place, don’t hesitate to visit Tower Deli and Diner. They are the restaurant and catering service provider that was voted number 1 by Sun-Sentinel from 2005 to 2013. For those who do not know, Sun Sentinel is the main daily newspaper of Broward County, Florida. Tower Deli and Diner has a wide variety of offering in their kitchen daily, it is because they want to deliver a wide array of dishes to their customers. They want to give the best tasting dishes and wholesome food to their customers because they want them to appreciate what great home cooked food really tastes like. 

Tower Deli and Diner has been in the business for 25 long years and, ever since, they have been growing and becoming stronger in the food industry in Florida. They started like any ordinary restaurant – small and just doing catering services all around until they slowly saw the niche in the market for their food. Because of that, their client base has been growing and they are now a renowned restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. The owners and the management team of the restaurant has been doing a great thing with the planning and organizing of the business. They effectively lead and motivate their employees to establish a good reputation with the people of Florida. These are the things that make them one of the best in the area. 

Their menu includes a wide range of food varieties that you will surely enjoy. They have egg sandwiches and egg platters wherein your fried eggs or egg omelets will have either bacon, ham, corned-beef hash or Rumanian steak. There are a lot more that you can side with their breakfast meals, which is why their restaurant in Fort Lauderdale is always packed with people who want wholesome breakfast and snacks. The food choices are limitless. 

They also have specialty sandwiches like hero sandwiches, wraps, ciabatta, club sandwiches and deli meat sandwiches. In addition, they have their sub or sandwich which you can also build your own to fit your taste preference. They have different types of Panini, whether you like Italian, Tuscan, chicken pesto, southwestern turkey, smoked turkey brie, roast beef melt, and many more. These are among their best sellers. 

A restaurant will not be complete without their salads. They have chef salad, Caesar salad, and several others. They also have the ‘Create your own Salad” where you choose your base salad and add in whatever ingredients you want. 

Of course, they also have lots of different entrees. These can be made of chicken, beef, fish, and pasta. They have a wide variety of chicken from grilled herbs to Hawaiian Maui chicken. With their beef dishes, they serve sirloin strips in mushroom wine to beef stir fry. These dishes are what customers want when it comes to their catering services.  

Their catering in Fort Lauderdale is one of their strengths. Even though there are a lot of businesses that offer catering services in the area, they are not wary or afraid of the competition. Being in the market for 25 years has given them huge base of loyal customers – people who have tried and tested their meals and services and are happy with them. These are the same customers who choose no other business when it comes to events catering. 

Tower Deli and its employees are very professional both inside the deli and outside when they are catering events and parties. They make sure that their customers are always happy by providing them with 100% customer satisfaction. Their employees are highly skilled in the food and beverage industry through constant trainings and seminars in how to improve and enhance their skill and trade. Their business is service-oriented, and so they invest on their employees to ensure that their trainings and skills will reflect on the quality of their food and service. 

If you are looking for a business to handle your catering in Fort Lauderdale, Tower Deli and Diner is your business. Aside from preparing wonderful and tasty dishes, they will make sure that everything will fit your budget. It is common knowledge that there are a lot of competitors in the market but if you choose their team, it is a guarantee that you and your guests will be leaving your event smiling and happy. Call them at 954-452-8202 or visit their website at to check out their menu and order. Always remember, if you want to be happy, visit Tower Deli and Diner!