From Heartburn to History

"An army marches on its stomach," Napoleon once said, and that's one thing the French conqueror got right.  Today kicked off the first program in a series describing the good, the bad and the ugly of military food over the years.  The program was held at the Wyoming Veterans Museum and is part of an OLLI series entitled "From Heartburn to History" through Casper College.

Con Trumbull, Civil War living historian and re-enactor, and president of the Fort Caspar Museum Association, joined Wyoming Veterans Museum curator, Doug Cubbison for today's program.  The series covers military food from the Revolutionary War through modern times.  From hardtack to M&M's, some food was definitely better than others!  Post at Platte Bridge operated in the late 1850's in Evansville and soldiers stationed there preferred canned pigeon to hunting the nearby antelope!  It's safe to say that food in the military has improved since the days of hardtack and canned pigeon, but I'm sure many veterans can recall their favorite (pound cake, anyone?) and least favorite (ham and lima beans?) C-Rations.

This OLLI series will run weekly through July 21st.  OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) classes are only open to seniors aged 50 or over.  A full list of classes can be found at Casper College through their website.