Recreational Center Zirochka Welcomes Tourists Looking for Great Summer Rest

Quality summer rest is essential for everyone. This issue has become even more important nowadays, when people are so tired and stressed spending long hours in their stuffy offices that they dream about the upcoming vacation since the beginning of the year. For all those people, who are looking for the best summer rest at the seaside, “Zirochka” now offers a perfect solution!

“Zirochka” is a Ukraine-based recreational center located in Gribovka, which is only 30 kilometers far from Odessa. The lounging facility enjoys popularity both with the residents of Ukraine and tourists, who come there from abroad. This is the best place for summer rest for families with children, retired people, family couples and large companies of friends.

The recreational center ensures the highest level of comfort to each and every client. They offer comfortable rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people, excellent servicing, green surrounding territory and lots of other unique vacation facilities for unforgettable rest. This is what the owners of the recreation base tell about it: “Each person dreaming about quality and affordable rest at the seaside should not lose a chance to visit our recreational base. This is the place, where everyone, including children and adults, will find versatile opportunities to rest and have good time in the circle of people they love. When it comes to fantastic summer rest, “Zirochka” is definitely the best choice!”

The territory of the recreational center is tidy, clean and comfortable. There are special areas for kids and places, where adults can cook barbeque and relax. The rooms have recently been renovated and have modern and comfortable furnishings, trendy décor and other features that are important for each tourist.

The infrastructure of the recreational base “Zirochka” is convenient for everyone. Apart from the play and lounging zones, there are also a parking lot, a restaurant and a bar, where people can have meals and rest in the evening. The sea is only a few minutes’ walk from the territory of the center, while the beach is clean and offers all the facilities for comfortable and remarkable rest.

Those people, who are interested in the services offered by “Zirochka”, may get in touch with the managers or owners of the recreational center either by phone or by booking the vacation online. This is very convenient and helps save time and effort of people.

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About the Company:
“Zirochka” is a recreation facility based in Gribovka (Ukraine), which is located around 30 km from Odessa. The recreational center offers each and every tourist the highest level of servicing, convenient renovated rooms, green surrounding territory with playgrounds for kids and lounging zones for adults. There is also a paid parking lot, a restaurant and a bar at the territory of the center. The services cater to the highest standards and meet the requirements of clients. The prices are affordable and won’t hit anyone on the pocket.

Contact Info:
Address: Gribovskaya Street, 67842 Ovidiopolskij region, Odessa, Ukraine
Tel.: +38(048)743-27-74 / +38(067)490-25-09