Infuse your brand with personality

Business is often merely a reflection of human society, and just like us, brands need a personality to appeal. Consider your group of friends, and the attributes that define them. Adjectives like comedic, kind, intelligent, sharp-witted or stylish come to mind.

These traits constitute, in short, us. We are defined by our personality and our traits, which keep us distinct from each other. Successful brands exhibit this same individualised persona, which ensures they stand out from their competitors. Regardless of the sector, a clear and reliable personality ensures more customer engagement.

Discovering your brand’s personality

Everything in your online presence is an element in your brand’s persona. Consider the following points, in order to gauge and leverage its appeal:

      1. What is offered, and what is delivered?
      2. Your communications: How do you speak with customers, and what language is in use?
      3. What is currently bringing people back? What is valued?
      4. Why is your brand different? What stands out?

The answers to these questions will indicate what is currently shaping your brand, and can be crafted in to a holistic personality.

Let your personality shine!

You should now have a list of three to four personality traits. Now, it is important that they are displayed in a consistent fashion, thereby building the brand by virtue of this persona. Each element can be displayed in varying degrees, depending on the medium.

Going for intelligent and quick-witted? You might divide your efforts like this:

Email to financial planners – emphasise the clever and reliable aspect
Online banter - focus on the spirited & authentic aspect

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