What are the different types of testing?

This section explains the different types of examining that may be used to analyze a program package during SDLC.


Manual examining contains examining a program package personally, i.e., without using any computerized device or any program. In this type, the specialist takes over the role of an end-user and assessments the program to recognize any surprising behavior or bug. There are different stages for guide examining such as unit examining, incorporation examining, system examining, and customer approval examining.

Testers use analyze plans, analyze cases, or analyze circumstances to analyze a program package to ensure the completeness of examining. Manual examining comes with exploratory examining, as evaluators discover the program to recognize mistakes in it.

Automation Testing

Automation examining, which is also known as Test Automated, is when the specialist creates programs and uses another program to analyze the product. This technique involves automation of a guide procedure. Automated Tests used to re-run quality circumstances that were performed personally, quickly, and continuously.

Apart from regression examining, automation examining is also used to analyze the program from fill, efficiency, and stress perspective. It improves quality coverage, improves precision, and helps you to save money in comparison to guide examining.

What is Automate?

It is not possible to improve everything in a program package. Other places at which a customer can make dealings such as the sign in form or signing up forms, any area where huge amount of customers can access the program at once should be computerized.

Furthermore, all GUI items, relationships with data source, field validations, etc. can be efficiently tested by automating the guide procedure.

When to Automate?

Test Automated should be used by considering the following aspects of a software:

Large and critical projects

Tasks that require examining the same places frequently

Requirements not changing frequently

Obtaining the program for fill as well as with many virtual users

Constant program with respect to guide testing

Accessibility to time

How to Automate?

Automation is done by using a helpful computer language like VB scripting and a computerized program. process:

  1. Determining places within a program package for automation

  2. Selection of appropriate device for analyze automation

  3. Writing analyze scripts

  4. Development of analyze suits

  5. Performance of scripts

  6. Create result reports

  7. Identify any potential bug or efficiency issues

SoftwareTesting Tools

The following resources can be used for automation testing:

HP Quick Test Professional


IBM Logical Efficient Tester



Testing Anywhere



Visual Studio room Test Professional