Bluetooth Enabled LCR- and ESR-meter: Record Measurement Results in Real-Time

Siborg Systems Inc. in Waterloo, Ontario, has begun offering the newest model in the Smart Tweezers LCR- and ESR-meter family: the Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT.

This new model offers users the same features and functions found on the popular ST-5S model but with the added benefit of being able to record measurements in real time over a Bluetooth connection. The ability to test and record Smart Tweezers' instantaneous measurements makes working with Surface Mount Technology more efficient.

Like all Smart Tweezers models, the ST5S-BT is able to identify components and the best test parameters for that component before measuring with a 0.2% basic accuracy. All measurement results are instantly available on the built-in OLED display. 

The ST5S-BT is able to connect to a computer or mobile device using the USB receiver stick (required for computer) or by dedicated apps for iOS and Android. The receiver stick opens a virtual serial port that sends information displayed on the device in a comma separated string of values. An example of the data is as follows:


This string is explained as: "the main impedance value and its type , secondary impedance and its value, test signal level, the measurement mode, and four reserved values.

The information sent by the device can be received using any communication software, such as the free Tera Term software or Native Instruments LabView® software. Depending on the software used, the data can be saved into a file or database for later processing. The ability to automatically record measurements is a time-saver where quality control is necessary or a reference must be made for previous measurements.

Smart Tweezers multimeters have become an essential tool for working with surface mount technology. The device requires no set-up between measurements and instantaneous results are crucial when time is a factor, such as working on production lines.

Since their debut in 2000's, Smart Tweezers have become instantly recognizable for their unique design that combines a set of gold-plated tweezer probes with a light-weight but accurate LCR-meter. When the tweezers have a grasp on a component, either mounted or loose to a 0201 size, Smart Tweezers automatically identifies the component and best test frequency and signal for that measurement. The device measures with a 0.2% basic accuracy and displays the result on the OLED display.

Smart Tweezers offer many features and extensive menus to allow better customization while measuring, depending on the task at hand. Features on Smart Tweezers include:

  • Fully automatic and manual L, C, R, and ESR measurements
  • Quality factory (Q), Dissipation factor (D) and Impedance (Z) measurements
  • 0.2% basic accuracy
  • Diode/continuity/short testing
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate
  • Gold-plated tweezer probes
  • 4-way joystick like navigation
  • OLED display with high contrast
  • Immediate results

Siborg has begun offering the Bluetooth enabled Smart Tweezers ST5S-BT in the LCR-Reader Store among their other products, like LCR-Reader, a lower-cost alternative to Smart Tweezers. The LCR-Reader Professional kit, which includes a device, NIST traceable calibration certificate, spare bent tweezer-tips, and an extra battery. Siborg also offers other products like the SMD Multimeter Test Tweezers that add tweezer-probe functionality to multimeters, and the LED Multimeter Test Tweezers that are able to test LEDs, switches, fuses, etc. Visit the LCR-Reader Store to see all of Siborg's offers and the assortment of accessories and extras for Smart Tweezers and LCR-Reader.