2025 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Market Global Market Average Price

In-detail Table of Contents of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Market, Update 2015 Market

The report analyses the global solar PV market, breaking it down into four regions: Europe, comprising Germany, Italy, and the UK; Asia-Pacific, comprising China, Japan, and India; North and South America, comprising the US and Chile; and the Middle East and Africa, comprising South Africa and Qatar.

The global and regional sections cover installed capacity (2006-2025), capacity additions by region/country (2015-2025), generation (2006-2025), and capacity and generation shares by region/country (2014 and 2025). Data on average price and market size for the solar PV installations market is also given in each regional section and in the global section. In addition, the global section compares the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of solar PV technology in 2014 for each country covered in the report.

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Scope for this research:

·         Analysis of the solar PV market at global level, regional level, and key-country level

·         Historical and forecast data for the global solar PV market from 2006 to 2025

·         Installed capacity and generation data, along with market segmentation by end-user

·         Details of major active and upcoming solar PV power plants

·         Analysis of price, market size, and LCOE for solar PV installations

·         Highlights of major policy and regulatory frameworks in key countries

·         Production data for solar PV crystalline modules, thin-film modules, cells, and polysilicon where applicable

Reasons to buy:

·         Facilitate decision-making based on strong historical and forecast data for the solar PV market

·         Position yourself to gain the maximum advantage from the solar PV industry's growth potential

·         Identify key growth and investment opportunities in the global solar PV market

·         Identify key partners and business development avenues based on an understanding of key market issues

·         Respond to competitors' business structure, strategy, and prospects

The country section provides information on capacity and generation (2006-2025), capacity segmentation (2012-2014), average installation price (2014-2025), market size (2014-2025), and LCOE (2014-2025), along with details of major active and upcoming plants and key industry regulations. Production data for solar PV crystalline and thin-film modules, cells, and polysilicon are given for the 2010-2014 period where applicable.

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Research discusses:

·         Solar PV Market, Europe, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, Germany, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, Italy, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, UK, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Inverter Market, Asia-Pacific, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, China, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, Japan, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, India, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Inverter Market, North and South America, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, US, 2006-2025

·         Solar PV Market, Chile, 2013-2025

·         Solar PV Inverter Market, Middle East and Africa, 2012-2025

·         Solar PV Market, South Africa, 2011-2025

·         Solar PV Market, Qatar, 2014-2020