Junior Trailblazing at the Dubois Museum

Dubois Museum staff will teach you basic trailblazing kills. It is fun exploring the outdoors, but only if you stay ‘found’. Learn how to know where you are and where you are going by using clues, trail signs, maps and a compass. There is always treasure at the end of the trail, it may be something you keep or just a memory.

The adventure will be Tuesday, July 12 from 10am to 12pm, beginning and ending at the Dubois Museum.  Be sure to register in advance as space is limited. You can register at the Dubois Museum, 909 West Ramshorn, 307-455-2284 or by email at

This is the fifth in the McDonald’s Children’s Exploration Series for the Dubois Museum this year. This series continues all year at all three of the County Museums.

Explore future Dubois Museum events including Thursday, July 21th Bruce Thompson will lead another McDonald’s Children’s Exploration Series: Living It Up In Torrey Valley from 9am to 1pm begins at the Dubois Museum.