2ip Now Provides Safe and Reliable Online Anonymity Check

With the increasing amount of online frauds that are reported nowadays, online anonymity remains one of the burning problems for millions of users across the globe. Fortunately, there are services that make it possible to check online anonymity any time of the day and find out other important information about the websites a user is going to visit. One of these resources is known as 2ip.

2ip is a credible web-based platform, which offers numerous services and tests meant to improve the online browsing experience of users and make them aware of the most important information about the websites they are planning to visit. Apart from that, one can also find out useful information regarding his/her personal computer and the reliability of the Internet connection used.

Currently, the website offers services that are subdivided into three major categories with regard to their specification and importance. These sections include “Tests”, “Services” and “Entertainment”. The “Services” category involves 6 offers, which make it possible for a user to find out information from the personal browser, select a userbar for forums and blogs, choose the Internet speedometer for the personal website, protect the e-mail from spam bots etc. The “Entertainment” category includes 6 services, such as Lucky IP, Color of IP, 2IP Spy, User Tracking, Telepath etc. that can provide a user with amusing options and will make the time spent on the web exciting and engaging. The “Test” category consisting of about 30 offers, enlists services meant to help a user determine the speed of the Internet connection, the file download speed, info about personal computer IP address and domain facts, the IP of other sites and other important info most users are interested in.

Special attention should be given to the Anonymity Check service: , which is one of the points listed in the “Test” section. This service is unique and does not have any analogues by this time. This is the validation service for the major anonymization tools, such as VPN, HTTP proxy and web proxy. The fact is that all the websites people visits may detect personal information regarding their computers. Correspondingly, one should be aware of what exactly other sites may explore. The anonymity check service can verify the accuracy of information others may found about the websites and determine how well a user is hiding behind the VPN, web proxy, HTTP proxy etc. The procedure is very reliable, safe and does not take much time.

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2ip is a trusted website, which delivers important information regarding the websites a user is going to visit as well as the facts related to his/her personal computer and the Internet connection. The platform offers three categories, each of which involves a number of services meant to improve the web browsing experience of a user. Each service comes with detailed description so that a visitor could be aware of the necessity of using it. The website also offers the validation service for the major anonymization tools to make the anonymity check possible any time of the day.

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