Mr. Paul Whitson is Westminster’s Tried and Tested Music Teacher

If you are searching for an excellent music teacher to help you learn the musical instrument you love, Mr. Paul Whitson is the professional you are looking for. He has been teaching music and helping countless students learn different instruments for over 30 years. Additionally, he also offers piano tuning in Westminster, MD for piano players who have instruments to keep in tune. So, for those who may be in need of his instructions, guidance and services, you can always give him a call.

Learning to play any musical instrument does not happen in a snap of a finger. Interest in playing music is not enough to be good at it. It takes a whole lot of patience, determination, motivation and time to learn how to properly play a musical instrument. And without proper instructions and guidance, one may be led astray and result to poor techniques that will negatively affect one’s playing. There are several factors that come into play when we talk of learning music, and one of the essentials is having the right guidance. Whether you are learning by yourself or through a professional music teacher, having the right instructions from the right resources is very critical. This being said, people in Columbia, MD who want to learn music and be able to beautifully play an instrument trusts one of the renowned music teachers in the city – Mr. Paul Whitson.

For over three decades, Mr. Whitson has been providing excellent music lessons, in-home instructions and piano tuning in Westminster, MD. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education with Voice as his major from Gettysburg College in 1978, and then received his Master’s Degree in Music Education from Towson University in 2004. From the time he entered the industry up until now, he has been part of several bands, groups, theater acts, and has done several other personal performances throughout the state and surrounding areas. These include various performances at several churches, civic groups, weddings, patriotic programs, political events, historical speeches, theatrical plays, and several others. He has also written original music for some plays.

Throughout his career, Mr. Whitson has also had several work experiences. He was musical director for several groups like Revelation 22 Academy, St. Timothy’s P.D.S., Joyful Sound Concert Band and Ensembles, Woodmont Academy, Columbia Home School Community Band, and VBC Grace Church. He was the pianist and song leader for the Risen Lord fellowship, the percussionist for Spirit and the Bridge Church, drama consultant and actor for the Still Meadow Christian Church, keyboardist for the Resurrection Church of God, and a lot more!

At present, he is an instrumentalist at Grace Lutheran and various Chrysalis and Emmaus events. He is the keyboard player for the Praise Teams at Still Meadow Church, and he is also the private vocal and instrumental instructor of the Suzuki School of Music in Columbia. From 1978 up to present, he offers private, semi-private and small group music lessons on varied instruments like voice and most band instruments such as keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums, including professional piano tuning in Westminster, MD.

Piano tuning is very essential in keeping your piano in tune, a must in all musical instruments. No matter how good you are at playing if the instrument in not in tune, you will not be able to produce good music. Especially for beginners, having an out-of-tune instrument is very frustrating as you may think that you are not progressing when it’s just the instrument. So, if you have a piano, most especially if it is being played frequently, make sure it is receiving regular tuning so that you can play it anytime you want.

Piano tuning is a very complex process .You are dealing with the delicate interior parts of a piano, which is why experience and expertise are very crucial. Mr. Paul Whitson has both these requirements to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

For any individual or group who want to learn how to pay a particular musical instrument or who wants to improve on their skills, Mr. Paul Whitson is the music teacher you can surely trust to help you achieve your goals. He has been in the industry for more than 30 years, giving him extensive experience dealing with different students and skill levels. Also, if you are in need of professional piano tuning in Westminster MD, he has you covered. For more details on his services or to make an appointment, give him a call at 410-916-3645.