Architectural Window Systems: Joining Forces

At Central Glass and Aluminium, we love what we do. We feel that we were put here to create windows and doors that exceed the expectations of Gold Coast, but we know that in our business, there is always room to learn from others. He or she who feels they have nothing more to learn will soon fall behind: such is the pace of modern construction.

This is why we were thrilled to become part of the AWS network of fabricators, Architectural Window Systems, Australia’s largest group of independent window and door fabricators. This group is a collection of premium-quality fabricators, providing top-quality and beautiful window and aluminium designs for the architectural market here in Australia. We were honoured to be included in this group!

AWS focuses on providing products that are built for Australian conditions, specific to our climate, and are built to exceed Australian standards for waterproofing, durability, and toughness. They aim to be the market leader in providing local fabricators of a high standard, and feature premium brands Vantage, Elevate, and Thermal Heart window and doors throughout the country – so our standards of both production and work remain high, wherever we go.

Through this partnership, we at CGA are now able to learn from our fellow fabricators, while they learn from us. We are able to expand our market reach to new areas of the country, while innovating and creating new solutions for consumers. As part of the AWS group, we are now able to contribute to a country-wide improvement in window and door standards.


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