We're lovin' it; McDonald's hosts McTeacher's Night fundraiser for Wind River Elementary

Feature Image: Wind River Elementary Principle Barney Lacock, left, Wind River Middle School Principle Charles Jenks and Wind River Special Education Secretary, Cindy Parkhurst / Pitchengine Communities
(Fremont County, Wyo.) - McTeacher's Night, a community fundraiser designed to raise money for local schools, was held last night at McDonald's in Riverton. Educators from the Wind River School District worked in the restaurant as order takers, lobby greeters, and drive-thru presenters, while McDonald's employees assisted the teachers with their new jobs.
​Wind River Elementary Principle, Barney Lacock taking charge at the drive-thru window!
Wind River Elementary earned a percentage of the proceeds from last nights sales, from both inside the restaurant and the drive-thru window. Although the event is held to support specific school needs, it's much more than a fundraiser. It brought people together in our community; teachers, students and families and all for a great cause!
The fundraiser was the sixth McTeacher's Night event held since January and will be the last for this school year. Bob Luck, local McDonald's Owner/Operator would like to thank the staff from the Wind River School District for their participation, as well as the community members who came to support the school.