Minnesota Rap Artist Lenerd debuts new video, "Chasing Clouds"

Los Angeles, CA -- The first single from his upcoming album Pictures for the Blind, "Chasing Clouds" is an extremely personal record in which Lenerd reflects on his life struggles. "Pictures for the Blind" was an album designed to help the world understand the misunderstood. Being an outcast most of his life, Lenerd wanted to shed light on how society should interpret him as an individual and work to understand his past. With a couple of very deep songs about social issues and family trouble, the Minnesota emcee also included several mainstream records. You can check the new music video out - "Chasing Clouds" on Youtube

About Lenerd

Lenerd was born in Virginia with a dream to better his life. Growing up in a very poor household taught Lenerd to be very ambitious at an early age. Growing up on heavy metal and rock he soon found himself to have a growing passion for hip hop. At the age of 18, Lenerd began to freestyle in college before and after class daily. After being locked up for three months for drug distribution he began to start putting his story on paper. After the release of his very first project, "The Experiment" Lenerd became very discouraged with his work. After two years of working on his lyrics, he released his first album "The Rise of The Machines" which was a huge success with over a thousand downloads. Lenerd took a year off to deal with the death of his mother. After finding inspiration, Lenerd dropped his second album "Pictures for the Blind" with almost tripled his download numbers by hitting just over three-thousand in the first 2 months. He just got off his first country-wide tour with Cam Meekins, and is now back in the studio working on his third album " Happiness is Broke". With all the newly-gained fans Lenerd is about to drop his new single off the album "She Feel in Love with a Stoner," featuring Mod Sun and Cam Meekins. The album is expected to drop this summer. 

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