New Frontiers in Human Microbiome Market Advancing to 2023 offers “The Human Microbiome: Advancing New Frontiers in a Rapidly Emerging Market” research report in its store. This report focuses on biomedical aspects of research, development, and commercial endeavors in the human microbiome space. It includes essential background information, evolution of the field, advances in basic research, events in the emerging commercial market, deal activity, interviews with experts, and trends in microbiome research and commerce. Primary sources of information for this report include the scientific literature, discussions with experts, and an online survey of individuals working in this space.

This Human Microbiome Market Report Covers:

  • Advances in Research on the Human Microbiome
  • Commercial Aspects of Microbiome Research and Development
  • Current Deal Activity
  • Over 25 Companies Profiled
  • Survey data from exclusive Insight Pharma Reports Survey

Interviews with:

  • Lee Jones, Founder CEO, Rebiotix
  • Brian Varnum, PhD, Chief Development Officer C3 Jian
  • Yanjiao Zhou, MD, PhD, Research Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
  • Dr Bernard Malfroy-Camine, President and CEO, ViThera Pharmaceuticals
  • Mark L. Heiman, Ph.D., FTOS, Vice President, Research and CSO, MicroBiome Therapeutics (formerly NuMe Health)
  • Larry Weiss, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AOBiome, LLC
  • Karen E. Nelson, PhD, President, J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), Head, Microbiome Program, Human Longevity Institute (HLI)
  • Sara Malcus, PhD, CEO, MetaboGen AB

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The field of Human Microbiome research and development is apparently one of the most popular hubs of the biotechnology industry. While the Human Microbiome Project, MetaHIT and other huge studies of human microbiota, have garnered a lot of attention over that past few years, the microbiome space has literally exploded in terms of both basic and applied biomedical research. In 2009, a PubMed search on the term ‘human microbiome’ yielded 579 citations, with a radical increase to 4,490 by 2014. Not only has the field seen massive investments from Venture Capital firms and Angel Investors, showing keen interest, but there has also been a flurry of deals and collaborations with the expected flux and knowledge exchange. Another milestone achieved was the first major microbiome IPO issued.

History and Evolution
Advances in Research on the Human Microbiome Initially NGS sequencing of metagenomes was based on the Roche 454 pyrosequencing platform. 454 Life Sciences will no longer support the platform after 2016. The need for more time saving and cost effective alternatives shifted attention to mainly Illumina’s faster and cheaper short-fragment sequencing systems. Some researchers favor working with combinations of sequencing platforms depending on the application. Other researchers prefer Pacific Biosciences’ platform; the latest release P6-C4 provides impressively long reads averaging 10,000 - 15,000 bases. Data analysis remains a challenge in the microbiome space. Informatics workflows can be either gene-centric, preferred when addressing high complexity applications; or assembly-based, favored for lower diversity applications. Either choice requires further selections downstream from the branch point.

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Commercial Activity

This report profiles the activities of 28 microbiome companies, most of which are engaged in developing therapeutics for various diseases. The most frequent target indication is C. difficile gastroenteritis; not surprisingly the gut microbiome is the research focus of the majority of the companies. Other diseases include inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, acne, and diabetes. Particular programs are directed at larger therapeutic areas such as: neurodevelopmental disorders, autoimmune disease, metabolic disorders, and infectious disease. One company works to develop synthetic oral biotics to address the challenges of inborn errors of metabolism. Several companies are committed to developing more refined alternatives to FMT, including oral preparations and storage devices.

Trends and conclusions

Our interviews and survey results show that persons working in the microbiome field are highly optimistic about the relevance of their work to the future success of microbiome research and development. The market is growing tremendously and microbiome market potential is projected to rise from $294 million in 2019, to $658 million by 2023. Several research efforts are geared towards establishing cause over correlation regarding dysbiosis related disorders. Groups and consortia have called for a unified global microbiome effort possibly to promote consistency of results and standardized protocols. This is requisite to maintain the highest standards of quality control for human health.

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